Donate Miles to the Kenyan National Frisbee Team

Dear Readers,
I need your help.
While I’ve been living in Kenya for the last year, I’ve been working hard to grow the sport of Ultimate Frisbee in Kenya. It is a beautiful game that represents the epitome of cross-cultural sportsmanship and pure athleticism.
I am currently organizing the Kenyan National Team’s bid to the World Championships of Beach Ultimate (WCBU 2015) in Dubai. No African team has EVER attended these World Championships since they started in 2007. The last WCBU had 1,100 players from 30 countries, but no teams from Africa.
I have been coaching and motivating for a year now, and we’re rearing to go! But there is one small problem: the tournament costs twice as much as the average Kenyan earns in a year. Not a single Kenyan-citizen player will be able to pay their own way. So we need to raise $10,000 (and lots of airline miles and hotel points) to field a team.
1507431_10152334328942719_6285691582054431640_o (1)
I know that most of you have lots of miles and points. Hopefully I have helped you get some of them. If you have enough to spare some, this is a great way to give back, and my teammates and I would be truly grateful for your generosity.
I created a website to rally support around the cause: I would really appreciate your help in sharing Team Kenya’s story with your personal networks (facebook, email, your rich uncle, etc.). If you’re personally in a position to donate airline miles or hotel points, please email me at
We’re going to need all the help we can get. Please help me make this go viral in the frequent flyer community!
Mike McGuirk

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