Airfare Challenge for Charity

Looking for a cheap ticket for your upcoming trip? I challenge you to an airfare duel.

If I can find a lower price than you can on an acceptable flight, and you save money as a result, then you can thank me by making an online donation to either Voces y Manos or Kids’ Care Everywhere.

Sound like a deal? Email your challenge to anytime.

Suggested donation = 50% of the difference between your lowest price and my lowest price.

Example: You are flying from San Francisco to New York and the lowest price you can find is $400. I find you a $250 ticket, so the price difference is $150. To thank me, you donate half of that amount ($75) to charity, you feel like a million bucks, and you still save $75 when you book the cheaper ticket.

P.S. Okay, fine, I guess this is not a true duel since nothing bad happens to me if I lose, but… deal with it. Just consider me a time-traveling Aaron Burr who challenged Alexander Hamilton to a duel while wearing a full-body Kevlar suit. Yep, I’m a nerd.


One thought on “Airfare Challenge for Charity

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