Award Booking

Do you have miles/points and can’t figure out how to use them for an upcoming trip? Let me help. Whether you are looking for flights or hotels, I know the in’s and out’s of award booking as well as anyone.

I have redeemed over a million of my own miles and points in the last few years, and I have helped my friends and family book many complex international trips with their own miles. I can help you:

  • Save hundreds or thousands of dollars on airfare and/or hotels.
  • Pick alternate routings that might save you lots of money.
  • Redeem the minimum necessary amount mileage or credit card points.
  • Avoid the mental and emotional trauma from calling airline/hotel agents, memorizing award program rules, and figuring out which websites are best for redeeming your miles/points.
  • Get the most out of your award with creative routings like open jaws, stopovers, and one-ways..
  • Avoid the feeling that you got ripped off by the airlines because they make their award redemptions so difficult that most people just give in and use more miles than they really need to redeem.

To request an award booking:

Email with the following information:

  • Number of passengers
  • Departure and arrival cities/airports, including potential stopover cities (if any) and alternate airports (if any)
  • Date range and flexibility level
  • Maximum number of stops
  • Maximum layover time(s)
  • Travel class preference and flexibility level
  • Your mileage balances (e.g. United 82k, American 35k, Delta 150k, Southwest 30k, Chase UR 55k, AmEx MR 73k, etc.)
  • Your previous search results (if any)

Pricing (10% of which I donate directly to these two charities): 

Domestic itinerary: $99 for the first passenger; $49 per additional passenger on same itinerary.

International itinerary: $149 for the first passenger; $49 per additional passenger on same itinerary.

Award change fees: Most airlines charge change fees of $75 to $150 per passenger to change an itinerary. You will be responsible for change fees if you decide to alter your itinerary after confirming your booking.


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