Diary of a Successful Churn

Like many other bloggers (and most of my friends and family at this point), I churn credit cards. When I first say that to someone, they say, “What is a churn?” Well, I just so happen to have a guide on churning, but I thought I’d share a real-world example of a recent churn of … Continue reading

Donate Miles to the Kenyan National Frisbee Team

Dear Readers, . I need your help. . While I’ve been living in Kenya for the last year, I’ve been working hard to grow the sport of Ultimate Frisbee in Kenya. It is a beautiful game that represents the epitome of cross-cultural sportsmanship and pure athleticism. . I am currently organizing the Kenyan National Team’s bid … Continue reading

Upper-Deck First Class on a Lufthansa 747

Hands-down, my most amazing flying experience was a 12-hour flight in Lufthansa first class from San Francisco (SFO) to Frankfurt (FRA). As I type right now, I am lying under a mosquito net in an $8 hostel in rural Uganda, so the incredible ridiculousness of this flight is especially lucid. I spent 67,500 miles and … Continue reading

How to Prevent Miles from Expiring

How to keep your miles active When I hear about people who had lots of miles and then they expired, my heart sinks. Two good friends recently told me about their respective expired miles, and my heart plummeted to the depths of fleeting misery and I lost a small piece of my soul. People letting … Continue reading

Fly from USA to Nairobi, Kenya for $72

Step-by-step: How to fly from the USA to Nairobi (NBO) on miles for just $72 I’ll just start with this screenshot: I just moved to Kenya, and many people have asked me how they can earn and use miles to visit. This will be a (very long) comprehensive post detailing how to rack up the … Continue reading

HUCA: My favorite acronym in the world

The Art of HUCA Traveling for free, especially the steps leading up to it (stocking up points and making reservations), often requires a good amount of time spent on the phone. Despite the fact that many plans can be made online, sometimes you need pick up the phone to: call the bank for reconsideration of … Continue reading